Sport education is a curriculum and instruction model that provides authentic sport experiences for physical education students. Its key features derive from how sport is conducted in community and interschool contexts. Ideally, it combines direct instruction, cooperative small-group work, and peer teaching. Its goals are to help students become competent, literate, and enthusiastic sports persons.

In sports education, our aim is to educate PE teachers/coaches across Malaysia on the fundamental of specific sports. We intend to develop a basic coaching course on how to handle and develop kids at the grassroots level and its psychology effects towards the kids who took part in the sports activities. 

The grassroot sports development program is important because it can shape and mould the character and behaviour of a young athletes. Therefore, we need to have qualified and professional trained individuals to deal with these young kids at the grassroots level itself. It applies fair play concepts, be enthusiastic about participating in sport and understand the importance of rules, perseverance, discipline, equality, in order to develop leadership qualities.

The desirable outcome of a comprehensive sport education program is for people to choose to pursue sporting activities in their spare time in one or more of the following ways:

  • Highly organised competitive sport
  • Active non-competitive sport
  • Casual recreational sport