Group CEO Message

Rajakumar Batumalai, CEO and Executive Director of Trend Line Malaysia.

Raja Kumar Batumalai pjk, constantly says that we need to improve our sports scene in Malaysia and Internationally. We were once powerhouse in sports regardless of any kind of sports but over the years our performance have declined and we are falling behind to all other countries in Asia.


The former national middle-distance runner, Olympian Los Angeles Olympic 1984, IAAF World Cup 1985 Australia, Asian Athletics Championship – 800 Meter 1985 Gold Medallist turned businessman said we should always strive forward to stay one step ahead.

By standing still is retrogressive, we will not improve.


He also reiterated that we should take on new challenges as this is part of our DNA. By continuing to do things in the same way, you are not only standing still, but actually losing ground as others around you have move forward. ‘I have decided to take this challenge to help and restore our Malaysian Sports to its glory days’. Let’s do it together as a ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ literally translate as ‘Malaysian Family’ to the future generation of Malaysian Athletes regardless of any sports.


The key to taking on new challenges is to provide an encouraging environment and a platform for our sports people to do so. Here, one of the most important factors is ensuring diversity which is sports + environmental, social and economic impact towards the society. Without diversity, it will be difficult to start new initiatives or take our sports industry and performance to the next level.


Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth by positioning sports as driving force to solve 3 key areas on environmental, social and economic issues which is a global priority that has a unique urgency. Our clients and stakeholders totally believe in our vision, mission and services that has significant ways to influence all walks of life on a purpose that delivers tangible benefits across our society. We recognize that raising our corporate value and ensuring growth of society as a whole are closely linked together.