KKB X Sports Management is one of the nation’s leading sports management companies, representing clients across Malaysia powered by top level sports management professional and executives who have worked locally and internationally in the sports industry for last 30 years.


We deliver top level sports management services to our clients with customization and co-create sports events and private functions, and have successfully secured and delivered our clients sports events in the past 5 years.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

What We Do

Sports Events International/National
Sports Development
Sports Advisory/Major Sporting Events Consultants
Sports Education
Sports Marketing, Sponsorship & Branding
Sports Facility Maintenance & Operator
Sports Diplomacy
Sports Media & Public Relations
Sports Merchandising & Equipment
Outdoor Sports Activities
Private Functions, Corporate Family Day & Team Building Activities


Our promise is a commitment to doing whatever it takes to help our clients reach their highest level of personal and professional success in their investment in Sports. We have developed a comprehensive management structure that support every aspect of good governance, accountability and transparency that forms a harmony synchronization into our 3 key principles areas that delivers tangible benefits of sustainability on environmental, social and economic in Sports industry.